QuirkHouse Theatre Company was founded in 2014 by a forever-questioning writer-musician and an ever-intrigued actor-poet, to show new writing and talent in creative ways & bring theatre to people and places that might not normally see it.

What's our passion?

Our passion is to philosophise and entertain in equal measure; to ask questions of our audience that may not have occurred to them before. Important questions. Questions like 'Is it illegal to sprinkle human ashes off the top of the Eiffel Tower?' (it is), or 'What if there were no questions?'...


What's our next production?

Check out our Website for all the latest production information and show dates


Oakes Barn has been QuirkHouse's home since their first production in August 2014 and their support has been invaluable. The Oakes family motto, which we saw on our first visit to the Barn, is 'Quercus Robur Salus Patrie'; this means 'the strength of the oak is the safety of the family', so we took the 'Querc' as a sign and have been performing here ever since!